Representatives from world of fighting sports meet to discuss brain injury study

They are supporting study on brain injury in mixed martial arts and boxing.

Politicians, medical professionals and fight promoters also joined in the discussion on Wednesday, held in Washington. The meeting was in support of a study to understand the effects of repeated blows to the head. Senator John McCain, once an opponent of the sport of mixed martial arts, said: "These athletes are here in support of their fellow athletes because they've seen the result of blows to the head." "We all know that it is a problem. We all know that this study  is much needed. If we don't do this, then I'm afraid that support for these incredible, entertaining sports will wane." Talking of renowned boxer, Muhammad Ali who suffers from Parkinson's disease, he said: "His present condition is at least partially, to some degree, due to the sustained blows to the head that this wonderful athlete sustained. ""We owe it to the athletes who put their lives on the line in the most difficult and challenging of sports to do this." There are 400 fighters currently enrolled in the study. Read the story here.
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