Prince Harry visits brain injury charity

His visit was to coincide with the launch of the charity's new ID card. 

The Royal guest visited Headway’s Suffolk base to learn more about the charity’s new initiative. The cards are available to anyone aged 18 and over who has a verifiable brain injury. Their aim is to ensure survivors are given appropriate support when they come into contact with the criminal justice system. Giving a presentation to Prince Harry and top officials from Suffolk, Peter McCabe, chief executive of Headway UK, said: “For many there isn’t a visible scar, it is beneath the hair line, so survivors can be misunderstood and their injury unseen. “This can create all sorts of social barriers and lead to survivors coming into the criminal justice system. The brain injury card is designed to help police officers more easily identify survivors and make sure they receive proper support.” Among those in the crowd were Ipswich MP Sandy Martin, Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore and Mayor of Ipswich Sarah Barber. Sitting down with Dominic Hurley, from Rotherham, and Jamie Gailer, from Hampshire, who both sustained a serious brain injury in 1994, the Prince heard the difficulties the pair had been through with the police. Prince Harry said: “This card will be a saving grace not only for you guys but for [police officers] as well. This is something that makes both parties aware.” He added: “I hope after today more people will know about this because there is one thing creating it, and you guys are the lucky ones because you have one, but we need to widen it so as many people can have it as soon as possible.”
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