Peter Andre visits young girl in hospital with leukaemia on her birthday

The singer visited Evie McClean in hospital on her birthday after her mum appealed to Evie's favourite celebrities on social media.

Peter Andre and Evie
Peter Andre spent time with Evie, from South Godstone, on her 10th birthday after her family made a plea to her favourite celebrities to make her birthday special. Evie, who has been battling leukaemia and a blood disorder called myelodysplasia, has had to spend her birthday in hospital. Determined not to let her special birthday be ruined, mum Nicola posted a message on Facebook on Sunday night asking for Evie's favourite celebrities to surprise her with a birthday message. On November 4, Evie had a lifesaving stem cell transplant after a worldwide search for a suitable candidate found one ten out of ten match in the USA. Nicola explained "after the transplant we spent six weeks in isolation as we waited for the new bone marrow to "engraft". At times it was very tough. Evie did so well and recovered quickly, quicker than anyone anticipated and we were discharged on December 6. "We were so pleased her birthday and Christmas was going to be spent at home. But sadly on Friday she woke up feeling poorly, and had to go to hospital. "An infection was identified and antibiotics started. Heartbreakingly, this means that Evie will spend her birthday and probably Christmas in hospital. "She's devastated. It's her tenth birthday. I want so much to make her smile, I want her to have a special day. She has been through so much and has missed out on a lot. I thought a way of making her feel special might be to get birthday wishes from someone famous." Evie has also received video messages from X Factor star Fleur East, TV host Richard Hammond and actor Warwick Davies, while other celebrities including Pixie Lott, The Stereophonics, Union J, Davina McCall, Alan Davies, Rylan from X Factor and actor Alan Fletcher have sent her messages.
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