Parents to sue hospital for son’s lifelong disability

They claim his condition was caused by negligence of the hospital he was born in and fear for who will care for him in the future.

Dushka and David Kirtland claim their son, Paul – now 30 – contracted an infection in the Special Care Baby Unit of John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford in 1983, which led to complex disabilities. The pair, from Headington say they are concerned for how their son will be cared for after their deaths. "As we've got older we've lost our parents and you realise that love isn't enough to care for someone," Said Mrs Kirtland. "As we go Paul will have nothing." Their solicitor, Sue Jarvis, said: "Paul's medical records, which we have obtained copies of, show that when he was admitted to John Radcliffe's Special Care Baby Unit he contracted an infection called klebsiella oxytoca. "He was 10 days old before he was given treatment appropriate to him in order to tackle it. "Our medical experts believe the long time it took him to recover from that infection was caused by the delay in administering treatment." Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust denies liability and says it will contest any liability. Read the full story here.
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