Parents awarded multi-million pound payout for daughter with brain injury

The money will go towards essential care for the 10-year-old.

Samantha Singleton-Parkes, from Essex suffered brain injury shortly after birth at Colchester General Hospital in December 2003. The £4.5million settlement was approved last month, based in the estimated costs of Samantha's future care and needs. Her mother, Gail Singleton-Parkes, sued Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust claiming her daughters injuries and subsequent Cerebral Palsy diagnosis were caused by negligence. The trust has denied liability but agreed to settle the matter by paying Mrs Singleton-Parkes 70% of what she was claiming in the High Court. "Pursuing this claim on Samantha's behalf has taken years of our lives," Mrs Singleton-Parkes said. "Although it happened a long time ago and has taken some time to resolve it is still very raw. Samantha's settlement may seem like a lot but it will all be needed to look after Samantha on a daily basis and to secure her future needs. A spokesman for Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust said the Trust has now reviewed its process following the birth of a baby, adding: "Once a midwife is satisfied that mother and baby are well, it would be normal practice for them to leave the family alone for a short while to bond with their new baby. "However, if the mother is unaccompanied following the birth and is very tired, the baby is placed in a cot and not left in the mother's arms while she is alone." Caption for link here 
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