Para-sail crash teens receive life-changing payout

The pair suffered brain injuries when their kite para-sail snapped of its boat and sent them crashing into a building.

They were left in a critical condition with multiple injuries when their para-sail snapped free from its boat and left them soaring through the air and lifted by the wind. Sidney Good and Alexis Fairchild from Indiana, USA were involved in the accident in 2013 in Florida when they were both 17. They hit a building before hitting the ground. After multiple surgeries and a lengthy rehabilitation period, Alexis and Sidney continue to struggle every day with the after-effects of their injuries. And although graduated from high school last year, both read only at a grade-school level, and Sidney also suffers from permanent damage to her vision that cannot be cured. According to their attorney they have reached a lawsuit which will allow the girls to live comfortably for the rest of their lives. Good's lawyer Wes Pittman would not reveal the exact settlement amount, but told the station WANE both girls will live comfortably for their rest of their lives. "The girls are taken care of as well as money can take care of them and they have reasonable futures ahead of them," he said. "They had some huge assistance in getting the final classes done so that they could graduate from high school." Read the full story.
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