Our Journey: A free tool to help you and your child during the ongoing rehabilitation following brain injury

The folder is designed to help you prepare for appointments, record medical information, understand therapies and advocate as much as possible for your child.

Our Journey has been created to help families manage the various different appointments, whilst understanding what they involve and what questions they might want to ask. Order your free Our Journey here. The folder is split into four sections:
  • All about me
  • Medical information
  • Preparation for appointments
  • More information 
The cue cards within the 'Preparation for appointments' section explains the different therapies your child might be having and suggests questions to ask during and before appointments. A pocket identity card is also provided in the folder where you can write a little bit about your child’s condition, what it means and emergency contact details which they can carry with them. It is hoped Our Journey will enable, inform and support parents and families as they advocate for their child. 
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