Off Balance – report on juggling work and family life

Parents caring for disabled children are finding it ‘difficult or impossible’ to be able to find flexible work based around their parental needs.

Off balance
The report found that 76% of those in work were forced to decline a promotion, or in fact accept a demotion, in order to meet their child’s needs. Furthermore close to half of them (45%) were working at a lower skill level than before they were responsible for a disabled child. Charity Working Families carried out the survey with 1,250 parents of disabled children. The report ‘2018 Off Balance – Parents of disabled children and paid work’ can be viewed here. The charity is asking for parents of disabled children to be entitled to a period of paid ‘adjustment’ leave, in order to be able to have flexible arrangements around their child’s needs, but without the risk of losing their job or facing demotion. Furthermore Working Families is asking for more ‘sufficient and affordable childcare for disabled children’, so that these parents are able to put these arrangements in place.  Working Families aims to help parents and employers find suitable relationships between work and home life. Work includes supporting employers in creating workplaces which encourage work-life balance for everyone.
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