NHS Hero Lewis Hine continues his inspirational work

As the NHS turns 70, we're looking at one of the winners of the NHS Heroes Awards Lewis Hine.

Lewis Hine is an inspirational teenager whose charity Friend Finder helps children with disabilities or illness find friends. Lewis was diagnosed with a brain tumour as a baby and has had 13 brain surgeries – but his aim this year was to host two proms for teenagers who missed or will miss their school prom due to illness/disability. One prom’s taken place but there’s still time to nominate teenagers for his second prom in Birmingham on 13 July by emailing Nominations@friendfinderofficial.com And Lewis has also written a book Looking at the Stars, which recently had a great review by The Lancet. You can read more about Lewis here: https://www.braininjuryhub.co.uk/…/lewis-wins-nhs-heroes-aw… Lewis is influencial on social media. He has Facebook pages under his name and Friend Finder. He is also on Twitter under his name and Friend Finder  
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