Help with hearing problems following brain injury

Scrivens Hearing Care, the High Street retailer of digital hearing aids has been improving the quality of life of thousands of deaf children by providing them with free NHS hearing aids.

In our latest blog they explain why they are proud to be involved in changing the way the service is provided.

Hearing tests
Dealing with age or noise related hearing loss can be a difficult thing to come to terms with, but for the most part we as adults can take the necessary steps to cope with it. For children however, dealing with hearing loss can be far more challenging both emotionally and physically.  Hearing loss can sometimes occur as a result of an acquired brain injury whether due to the small bones in the middle ear sustaining damage, the inner ear suffering a fracture or even damage to the cochlea. On occasion, hearing loss can be a symptom of a brain injury as a traumatic head injury may affect the way the brain processes sound. Often hearing aids may be the best way forward to combat this hearing loss, as well as a way to improve the quality of life for your child. For children who have suffered an acquired brain injury or a traumatic brain injury resulting in hearing loss, this can leave them feeling isolated and frustrated, and in many occasions scared. Trips to the hospitals and doctors’ appointments can leave children feeling overwhelmed and a little bit intimidated, no matter how great the efforts of doctors and medical staff. Scrivens Hearing are trying to change that by providing free NHS hearing aids to qualifying children in a relaxed and convenient atmosphere. Children and their families can be refered to the service by their doctor and are then seen by an expert hearing aid audiologist and fitted with a hearing aid in a high street store rather than a hospital or medical centre and in the same amount of time as it takes to go grocery shopping. A common misconception that parents have is that hearing aids are extremely expensive and waiting times are extremely long. However with Scrivens Hearing, a child can be fitted with a life changing hearing aid in a short space of time. Scrivens have put great emphasis on creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for all of their patients, including children and offer complete support throughout and after the process of being fitted with a hearing aid. Stuart Spencer, Training Manager at Scrivens Hearing Care, said:  “We understand how difficult it can be to adjust to having a hearing aid, and that there may be hundreds of questions you need to ask. We want our customers to know that we’re here to help them through every stage, from initial assessment, to advice on the best course of action, to the eventual fitting and ongoing aftercare. Your hearing aid will be with you for life and we will help you every step of the way.” Having a hearing aid fitted at Scrivens Hearing means, no scary hospitals, waiting lists or even expensive hospital parking. The expert hearing aid audiologists and wider team at Scrivens Hearing are encouraging parents to take advantage of these free NHS hearing aids as well as the professional aftercare that comes with the service. “If you are experiencing hearing loss, a hearing aid can do so much to improve your state of mind. We see many people of all ages who are avoiding social occasions because they simply find it too much of a struggle. As a result, they become withdrawn and are alone in their struggle with hearing loss. This is why we’re so passionate about this service – it’s helping people get their lives back.“ For more information on free NHS hearing aids and hearing tests visit Scrivens Hearing
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