SAS sniper with injury found guilty

An SAS sniper who sustained a brain injury has been found guilty of possessing a gun and ammunition. Sergeant Danny Nightingale was originally given a sentence of 18 months in military detention for possessing a Glock 9mm pistol and 338 rounds of ammunition. But his conviction was overturned by the Court of Appeal in March 2013 after judges ruled he had been placed under "improper pressure" to plead guilty at the military trial. Sgt Nightingale’s wife has led a high profile campaign to clear his name. The 38-year-old collapsed during a jungle marathon in Brazil in 2009, and clinical psychologists told his retrial at Bulford in Wiltshire this week that the resulting brain injury made him prone to memory loss, and “confabulating” his recollection of events. The court heard medical opinion on this issue was divided, and Sgt Nightingale was found guilty today (Wednesday). Chief executive of The Children's Trust Dalton Leong said the case has brought brain injury to the fore.  “This case has demonstrated how brain injury can have a long-lasting effect, causing significant and ongoing impairments," he said.   “Brain injury can result in serious, hidden difficulties, such as memory loss and confusion. And yet on the surface, a person may seem the same as they were prior to their injury.” Read the full story at the BBC.
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