New study suggests exercise can improve mental processing

A study carried out by Dr Charles Hillman suggests that a short amount of exercise can improve mental processing.

Brain scan of a nine year old after exercise Dr Charles Hillman and his team at the University of Illinoi carried out EEG tests to gauge the impact of exercise on the brain.  The image above is based on a brain scan of a child, taking part in cognitive testing before and after exercise. The brain waves are responding to environmental stimuli, and the expanding red area shows a brain wave named P3. P3 arises in response to a task which requires attention and decision making.  Dr Hilman and his team found that when adults took part in 30 minutes of short periods of moderate treadmill walking, and when children took part in 20 minutes of the same, there was a 5 to 10% improvement in mental processing. Read more on the BBC iWonder guide here.
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