New Rehabilitation Prescription

The tool documents the rehabilitation needs of adults and children.

The revised version of the prescription is called RP2019 and states that a rehabilitation assessment should take place within 48-72 hours of the patient’s admission and has to be completed for all major trauma patients who need rehabilitation at discharge. The RP must contain core items and be developed with the involvement of the individual and/or their family/carers, and administered by a specialist health care professional in rehabilitation. Commenting on RP2019, Professor Chris Moran, National Clinical Director for Trauma to NHS England, and Professor of Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery at Nottingham University Hospital said: “Neurorehabilitation is a key component of the major trauma network; an essential part of good trauma care and good patient outcomes. Rehabilitation needs should be assessed shortly after a patient is admitted to the major trauma centre, delivered during the inpatient phase, and continued in a trauma unit or in the local community. This new RP details the neurorehabilitation needs of both children and adults, and in order to maintain the continuity of rehabilitation, a copy should be given to both the patient and/or family as well as their GP.” The Acquired Brain Injury Alliance is the group responsible for launching the campaign for the prescription. Professor Michael Barnes, ABI Alliance Chair said: “The Acquired Brain Injury Alliance is a collaborative venture between charities, professional groups and industry coalitions working in the field of ABI. We are supporting the availability of this revised version of the RP to emphasise its key role in ensuring patients access neurorehabilitation services following discharge. However, the RP has no value if the individual with an ABI and their GP don’t receive a copy. And if the individual and the GP don’t know what rehabilitation is required then no access to services can be planned or implemented.” Read more here.
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