New mum suffers brain injury and memory loss moments after delivering newborn twins

Charlotte Fairlie, 34, was left with extensive brain injuries and was partially paralysed down one side after giving birth to healthy twin boys.

The effect was so dramatic she was left with no memory of her wedding and could not remember being pregnant with children Fox and Teddy. Husband Rob, who is caring for her at their home in Monmouth, said he will do whatever it takes to help her become the mother she always dreamed of being. "It breaks my heart seeing her like this," he told Wales Online. "Charlotte needs 24/7 care and how much better she will get we don't know but she was so desperate to be a mum and I want to help her do that." Rob, 40, said he and Charlotte had just a few moments together with their longed-for newborns before she had a stroke caused by pregnancy complication pre-eclampsia. "She just started to slur her words and couldn't move her left side. "It went from caesarean to crash team." The young mother, who had been monitored for high blood pressure before the birth, was rushed to the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff where doctors had to remove part of her skull to save her life after two further brain bleeds. Ten months on and after extensive rehabilitation in Cardiff's Rookwood Hospital Rob, Charlotte is improving.  Initially unable to speak or walk, she can now take a few steps, make a cup of tea and say a few words. She has been home for four weeks and the couple have help from their families. Charlotte's sister Angela Harries looks after the boys while Rob looks after Charlotte. Rob said: "The boys are beautiful and lovely. "If they get up once or twice in the night each and Charlotte gets up it is exhausting. "She's very happy to be home. "Everything starts now. "We're not out of the woods and we don't know what will happen but I just want us to be a normal family." Rob said he was overwhelmed by help from friends and their fundraising efforts which have raised nearly £7,000 of a target £40,000 to help pay for therapy, an all-terrain electric wheelchair, and a robotic arm enabling Charlotte to hold her twins. Her sister Angela said Charlotte didn't remember being pregnant or giving birth on December 14 last year but was slowly regaining some memory. "When she came out of the coma she could not communicate and did not know she had been pregnant," said Angela. "When we presented her with the twins she didn't know she had had them. "She was not able to speak so we were saying 'Charlotte, these are our babies'. "She knows what we are saying but can't get words out so we don't know exactly what's going on. "At first she couldn't move or keep her eyes open for more than a few minutes but she loves seeing the boys. "Recovery is slow and she can't pick up the boys but we can put them in her arms. "We're a big, close family so we've all been helping."
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