Anne-Marie's poem to her son, who sustained a brain injury from a swimming pool accident. 

  "3 year today
The day i nearly lost you
A day I'll never forget
And thats when I realised
I'd made a big mistake for I took my eyes of you
Thats when my heart began to break baby boy
I know that I loved you
But didnt know how bad
Until i nearly lost you
I thought I really had
PLEASE forgive me son

I really love you so
I'll allways be here for you
I'll never let you go
I hate today I really do
But you an me together baby boy
We will pull through

Any parent knows that accidents are unavoidable where children are concerned. However guilt is also a natural feeling when your child has an accident- even when it's no one's fault.  We met Anne-Marie and her son Charlie in 2013 when he was receiving rehabilition following an accident in which he fell into a swimming pool and susatined a brain injury.  Since then we have kept in touch and witnessed Anne-Marie's unwavering love and dedication to Charlie.  The family live in Surrey and Charlie goes to a specialist school where he is doing really well.  This is a poem she has shared with us. The below video shows Anne-Marie encouraging Charlie in improving his strength. If you have feelings similar to Anne-Marie, you can get more information here. 
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