Music videos: new tool for detecting brain injuries

Innovative eye-tracking technology using music videos points to a fast new way to assess brain injuries, according to a new study in the Journal of Neurosurgery published online Tuesday.

Using a tool designed at NYU Langone Medical Center, researchers there enlisted 169 veterans, 157 of whom were healthy. The remaining 12 had known weaknesses in the nerves that move the eyes up and down and side to side, or brain swelling adjacent to those nerves. All the participants were asked to watch either a music video or TV for 3 and 1/2 minutes. In the healthy subjects the ratio of horizontal to vertical eye movements was close to one-to-one. In the dozen with known weakness or swelling in the nerves that control eye movement, the ratio was significantly skewed depending on the affected nerve. In each case, scientists were able to use the quantitative measurement to pinpoint the location of the injury or weakness. Read the full story here.
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