Music therapy in action: Jasmine

Following last week's European Music Therapy Day, we’re looking at the role music played in Jasmine’s rehabilitation after a brain injury.

  Jasmine was eight years old when a car accident left her with a life changing brain injury, unable to move, communicate or do anything for herself. After four months in hospital, Jasmine began intensive rehabilitation at The Children’s Trust. The charity’s physiotherapist worked with her to regain her strength so she could stand and walk again. Jasmine’s father Tony said: “After a few weeks, and on a day I will never forget, I asked Jasmine if she could move her arm. To my utter amazement, she did! “Jasmine wasn’t able to speak when she first arrived at The Children’s Trust, and music therapy sessions were her outlet. She would make sounds with instruments and had control over noises which she didn’t otherwise have. “With Speech and Language therapy, she began to talk again. Jasmine wrote a song expressing how she felt using lines from other songs. We performed it together with instruments and it helped her process what had happened whilst having fun.”  Jasmine returned home and continues to make good progress. Dad Tony continued: “When Jasmine was in a coma, I would sing to her. I felt it helped. “I couldn’t have imagined that in a matter of months, she would be singing with me. “I’ve seen the worst a parent can imagine, and the hope I had for her to get better was helped by music.” This case study was provided by The Children’s Trust following its launch of The Extraordinary Music Box Appeal.
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