Mums of Jadae and Issy share their stories

The young girls accounts of brain injury and rehabilitation have been featured in The Sun.

Jadae was seven years old when she was hit by a car while Issy was aged eight when she had a stroke. Both girls stories were featured in The Sun this week with articles explaining each child's brain injury and how rehabilitation and therapies helped, and still help, in each of their recoveries.


Jadae was knocked down by a car travelling at around 30mph. She had a severe head injury, a broken clavicle and a fractured ankle. In the two months that followed, Jadae showed no signs of recovery but after another month there were small signs of response - Jadae began lifting her head off the pillow to kiss her favourite teddy bear. Although Jadae began to respond she still wasn’t talking, could not sit up unaided, was unable to stand or walk, or feed herself, and needed to be fed through a tube. She then moved to The Children's Trust for rehabilitation and the improvements continued, such as remembering family members names and asked for a cup of tea! The months that followed included many therapies, with music therapy being a particular favourite. After six months at The Children's Trust Jadae left able to talk and sing and was able to walk a few steps at a time. Three years on and Jadae's mum Caroline says she 'has come so far'. Jadae goes to school and only uses her wheelchair when she is tired and for long distances. You can read Jadae's full story here.


Only three months ago, Issy's mum Candice received a call from her eight-year-old daughter's after-school dance club. On arriving at the school Issy was lying on the floor, her facial features had dropped and Issy's mum recognised the signs of a stroke. Issy went to two hospitals and was put in a coma. It was at St George's Hospital where the stroke was confirmed and when Issy woke up she couldnt not move her right side. Slowly Issy had to relearn everything and had to be fed by a tube. Her mum explained the hospital physiotherapy: "She progressed from being able to sit up in bed to being able to stand and transfer herself into her wheelchair. But Issy found it hard to deal with needing a wheelchair." Visits from her friends cheered Issy up and five weeks after her stroke,­ Issy got out of her wheelchair. A week later Issy moved to The Children's Trust for rehabilitation where she will be for several weeks. Issy wears a special boot to help strengthen her right foot and ankle. She has short-term memory loss but she is improving each day and goes home at weekends. Talking to The Sun mum Candice said: “We want to share Issy’s story so other people are aware of the signs of stroke and can act fast like we did. Issy’s a fighter and her focus is to dance and ride her bike again. “We have a long road ahead but we’re holding out for a full recovery. Issy won’t be satisfied with anything less.” You can read Issy's full story here.
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