Pregnant mum with learning difficulties flees home in fear of authorities taking her child

Social workers placed Kerry and husband Mark's other two sons with a foster family. The 22-year-old has left her home and her sons 200 miles away in the hope of preventing the new baby being taken into care. Born with a cleft palate, Kerry could not speak properly until she was six. Specialists have judged her learning difficulties as 'mild to moderate'. The Scottish mum first fled for Ireland when pregnant with her first son when she was told he would be taken into care within hours of his birth, and could be put up for adoption. Social workers there monitored the family and, they say, had declared Kerry and Mark, 31, to be fit parents. Kerry claims the couple were "tricked and trapped" by social services into returning to Scotland, where the two boys were taken from them last June. She said: "It's been proven time and time again that we're good parents. Our children were happy and healthy. "We'd been living happily in southern Ireland for three years and the authorities there thought we were good parents. "We were led to believe that was proof enough for us to be left alone if we moved back. But Fife social services betrayed us." Read the full story.
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