Mother who lost son in drowning tragedy defends viral baby swimming video

Kerri Morrison posted a video of her baby daughter appearing to struggle swimming in a pool.

It showed 13-month-old Josie doing a self-rescue, after weeks of intensive swimming lessons, which went viral and received hundreds of thousands of views. The two-minute Facebook video was captioned: “So hard to watch but every kid should learn this young!” It sees the child being lured into the water with a toy and then falling in before she starts swimming on her back unaided. However, the video has received a lot of criticism from shocked viewers.
Appearing on This Morning via a video link from America, Kerri defended her decision for putting Josie in that situation. “My daughter was not struggling and was not in any danger. She had been working up to it for three weeks,” she said. “There is a reason I didn’t flinch in the background,” Kerri added. She also recalled the tragic story of her boy's death: “We lost our son Jake in a drowning accident about two-and-half years ago while we were on vacation. He was two years and 10 months. “We had just come in for the weekend. He was playing with his cousins. Then someone asked, ‘Where is Jake?’ and a frantic search started. “We were by the docks. I knew he was in the water but we couldn't see him. “They rushed him to the hospital and there was nothing they could do.” Kerri said that her son had had swimming lessons but had not “taken to it”, so her husband and her decided to try again “next summer”. But they never got the chance.  “I wanted to make sure my daughters are safe,” she explained. Drowning is the fourth most common cause of child death in the UK and is the leading cause in the US.  
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