Mother talks about effects of encephalitis

Alice Brown's son was left with a brain injury, epilepsy, severe learning difficulties and short term memory loss after suffering the condition which is an infammation of the brain. 

 Dylan, who is almost five, was diagnosed with encephalitis at the age of two and endured a five month spell in hospital. Talking about how it has been life-changing for Dylan, Alice from Southampton said: “Luckily he has regained his personality and is able to walk again. "However the encephalitis has left much of his brain scarred and he cannot talk nor do anything for himself. “He cannot regulate any of his emotions and understands very little. "He needs constant care and supervision. It is not known whether Dylan will be able to regain any of this and if he does to what level.” The youngster now attends a specialist school and has weekly therapies to help maximise his potential. “Our lives have changed and every day gets more and more difficult as Dylan gets bigger and stronger,” adds Alice. “Even going out has become challenging with Dylan’s lack of understanding or awareness of any dangers. “Unfortunately due to Dylan’s complicated type of encephalitis, intensity of seizures and delayed treatment he has been left with the life-long effects of encephalitis.” Alice is supporting the The Encephalitis Society in spreading awareness of the condition. 

Liz, one of our regular bloggers, contracted encephalitis shortly after graduating. Read her story here. 

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