Meningitis vaccine campaign

Renewed calls for implementation of the vaccination as charity demands answers from Prime Minister, David Cameron.

The question of why the vaccination had not been implemented was taken to parliament this week. Cotswold MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown followed up on behalf of the Meningitis Now charity by asking for an update on vaccine negotiations at Prime Minister's Questions. Speaking at the event in the House of Commons, Meningitis Now chief executive Sue Davie said: “We’ve called MPs from all parties together to ask for their support in getting this vaccine brought in quickly. Meningitis can often lead to brain injury. Find out more.  “The Government agreed back in March that the vaccine would be introduced but eight months on there’s still no sign of it. “Every day I have to face parents whose children have died or been left disabled because of Meningitis B, knowing that all the time there is a vaccine available to prevent it. “The time is now to bring in the vaccine and protect our babies, before more die.” The charity started campaigning for the jab to be given free on the NHS when the vaccine was first licensed in January 2013. Since then more than 150 MPs have backed it. The vaccine was made available privately 11 months ago, but at as much as £175 a dose (and with three doses required) is out of the reach of the majority of families. In March this year, the Government said the vaccine would be given free to babies and youngsters on the NHS once a price had been agreed with manufacturer Novartis. Negotiations with vaccine developer Novartis only began five months later, in August, and show no signs of concluding. Read the full story here.
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