Mencap shares benefits of employing people with a learning disability

Learning Disability Week 2017 is focusing on employment, with Mencap stating: “We want a world where people with a learning disability have the same access to meaningful paid work as everyone else.”

The charity has highlighted that around eight in 10 working age people with a learning disability have one that’s mild or moderate, but fewer than two in 10 are in employment. During the week, which runs from 19 - 25 June, Mencap is highlighting its resources, which include its guides for people looking for work; support available for employers; and tips for those who want to speak to their employers about offering places to people with a learning disability. Mencap’s four easy read guides cover finding a job or work experience; application forms and CVs; going to a job interview; and starting work. Stories of young people and adults highlight the barriers people faced in finding a job. Organisations mentioned that have employed or provided placements for people with a learning disability include JD Wetherspoon’s, Marks and Spencer, Legoland and Tesco. Charlotte Aspley, who has worked for Tesco for several years since she joined Mencap’s employment scheme, said: “I feel companies should take on more people with a learning disability. I don't think companies consider us enough for jobs. It would benefit the company and also the young people working for them.” She continued: “I've benefited so much from my job. It’s made me such a different person by having a job. I've got better social skills and a great social life and I've learnt so much from being at work.”
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