Schoolgirl dances again after brain injury

Megan Sargeant who was involved in a serious car crash in America just over a year ago has performed in a ballet school dance review.

Megan's accident

Just over a year ago Megan Sargeant from Bagnall was involved in an accident while on a family holiday in Florida She sustained a severe brain injury and a fractured spine, pelvis and leg. The accident left her paralysed down her left side and she was on a life support machine for five weeks. Her parents, Julie and David Sargeant, were told: "You have to accept that Megan has gone".
Megan was flown back to the Royal Stoke University Hospital in a private low flying air ambulance while still in a coma.


After four months at the hospital, Megan was transferred to The Children's Trust in Surrey which specialises in the rehabilitation of children with acquired brain injury. For six months Megan received daily intensive therapy to teach her to eat, speak, walk and care for herself again. Megan made great progress and has just returned to full-time education at Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College.


Megan dancing
Before the accident Megan, now aged 17, but who was 15 at the time of the accident and had just taken her GCSE examinations at Endon High School, was a passionate ballet and tap dancer. For a long time it looked as though she would never be able to dance again – but last weekend she performed in a a ballet review at Biddulph High School. Mum Julie said: "There is not a day goes by that I am not inspired by the determination and resilience Megan has shown in overcoming the traumatic events that have happened to her. "I am so proud of all that she has achieved and is continuing to achieve. "We were delighted when Maria Oaks and Jodie Hogan of the Future Starz dance school in Biddulph agreed to give Megan one-to-one ballet lessons. We cannot believe how far she has come." Megan, who walks with the aid of a specialised splint called an AFO, said:
I have always loved dancing but following my accident I thought it would never be possible again. Maria and Jodie have been fantastic in teaching me to dance. I thought it would be good exercise and help me with my mobility and posture. Having to remember the dance sequences helps me with my short-term memory difficulties too."Megan
Maria Oaks of Future Starz, said: "It has been my pleasure to help Megan to get this far. She's a lovely dancer with natural ability. "It has been amazing to see the progress that she has made in the short period of time that Jodie and I have been working with her." The ballet school dance review took place at Biddulph High School where Megan received a big applause for her performance.
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