Meet our online community coordinator!

Hi I'm Clair, the Brain Injury Hub's online community coordinator.

I have studied and worked in different areas of care for 10 years now and been lucky enough to have met many inspirational young people and their families in a huge variety of placements. I started working at The Children’s Trust four years ago and have worked as a rehabilitation care assistant until starting in my new role here.
  Working in rehabilitation has taught me so much about how diverse the needs and challenges of children and young people after a brain injury are. One thing that has really impacted on me is just how many areas of life a child’s brain injury can effect.  From moving around, difficulties with their speech and eating, to the daily activities we often take for granted.  Seeing children and young people in their therapy sessions has shown me just how hard they work, how small steps can make a huge difference, and how skilled and dedicated therapists can be. And it all spills over into every aspect of the child’s life as they continue to carry out their programmes in their evenings and weekends outside of therapy sessions.  But it is not all about hard work; one of the things I really enjoyed was getting the kids out and about, seeing them being able to relax and get some form of normality back, whether it be just popping to the shops, a trip back home or a group trip bowling. I have also been lucky enough to meet the amazing families of the children and young people. The journeys parents all have to travel are immense, filled with the high and lows that come with the bumpy road to recovery. I have also seen how parents fight for their child’s care and support their recovery while at the same time juggling supporting the rest of their family, sorting out finances and the heaps of paperwork. Last year I became a mummy to a wonderful baby girl, I think I saw things from a different perspective. Becoming a parent and experiencing the highs and lows of just having a child, made me want to find a way of supporting parents more, giving me a chance to use the knowledge and understanding I had gained along the way. When the role of ‘online community co-ordinator’ at The Children’s Trust came up it seemed like an amazing opportunity. Having used health forums in the past myself I knew how feeling part of a supportive online community could make a huge difference to the way you view your situation, feeling less alone and having somewhere to turn where people understand helps you cope better with the countless challenges you face. Getting the job was fantastic. The forum is for you as parents, to ask questions and chat. I am just here to try to reach out to as many people as possible and facilitate some discussion topics.  I hope it becomes a place you all feel confident to post either a question or tell your story in our blog section. If you have any ideas on how we could improve it or ideas for forum topics but don’t feel happy to post them directly on the forum please e-mail me here.
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