Man who sustained brain injury at birth is awarded damages

The 21-year-old is likely to be awarded in excess of £5 million, after complications during his delivery resulted in a severe brain injury.

The Royal Courts of Justice approved the case of David Fawdrey, of Lewes who suffered the injury at the time of his birth in 1991 at Basildon Hospital in Essex. He was delivered by emergency caesarean section after CTG traces showed evidence of foetal distress. However, the decision came too late after the midwifery team or obstetric team failed to monitor his mother as regularly as they should have. This resulted in Mr Fawdrey suffering a period of hypoxia-ischaemia which caused him permanent brain damage. Consequently, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, learning difficulties and impaired vision. The settlement will be used to meet Mr Fawdrey’s ongoing care and management needs. Read the full story here.
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