Love Your Brain campaign

An Oscar-nominated filmmaker has launched a campaign to raise awareness about acquired brain injury. We reported last week on British documentary maker Lucy Walker’s film The Crash Reel, which follows snowboard champion Kevin Pearce. Pearce sustained a traumatic brain injury while training three years ago, and the film documents Pearce’s challenging recovery from his injury. It premiered at the Sundance film festival last week.  Now both filmmaker and subject have used the film as a springboard for a global campaign called #loveyourbrain, which aims to educate and inform people about ABI and distribute information about services to families.  "When I met Kevin and heard his story, I knew it was one that needed to be told." said Lucy Walker. "It was important to both of us to help and inspire others who may find themselves in a similar situation and #loveyourbrain was the perfect answer." We will bring you news of a wider release for the film as it becomes available. 
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