Louis Theroux brain injury documentary now on Netflix

The documentary, A Different Brain, was first aired on BBC Two last year and is now available to view on Netflix. The programme offers an insight into living with a 'hidden disability' and the impact a brain injury can have on friends and family.

Credit: BBC In A Different Brain, Louis Theroux meets four people living with the long term effects of a brain injury, who were at various stages of rehabilitation. He spends time with them, their families and their carers at the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT), discovering the challenges they face in having to re-learn basic skills and coping with changes in their personality.  One year down the line Louis said to BIRT : "I have very fond memories of making the programme and of the experience of getting to know all the contributors. "It takes a special kind of courage to allow someone into your life and trust them to tell your story – and even more so when you have gone through something as life-changing as a brain injury."  To catch up with some of the people who featured in the documentary, see how they are getting on a year later and to find out their views on sharing their stories so publicly click here. You can also read our FAQs on brain injury in children.
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