Life After Brain Injury: Survivors’ Stories

Thought to be the first book of its kind, it gives the personal accounts of people who have lived through a brain injury.

The authors, Professor Barbara Wilson and clinical psychologists, Jill Winegardner and Fiona Ashworth, all work at a specialist centre for brain injury rehabilitation. They hope the book will act as a resource for professionals as well as being helpful to survivors and family members dealing with an acquired brain injury. Professor Wilson said: "By focusing on the survivors’ perspective we hope to show how rehabilitation is an interactive process between people with brain injury, health care staff, and others, while giving the survivors a chance to tell their own stories of life before their injury, the nature of the insult, their early treatment, and subsequent rehabilitation." Tim Lodge, contributed his story to the book. Tim, 52, suffered a serious brain injury after falling off his bike. He said: "Brain injury is not like other injuries, where you know roughly how long it will take to heal. It takes you by surprise and you come out of it a different person. I am a different person, but I now have the ability to compare how far I’ve come." Read more here    
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