Leading charity for children with brain injury launches new strategy

The Children's Trust plans to help thousands more children with brain injury and their families across the UK in the three-year strategy.

By 2017, the charity- which runs the Brain Injury Hub- aims to be reaching 2,500 children living with brain injury every year through a major expansion of its community services. It will also undertake significant redevelopment work at its national specialist centre in Surrey and has committed to making greater investments in the Brain Injury Hub, research and campaigning.community services. One of the key objectives of the new strategy is a major increase in the number of charity-funded partnerships between The Children's Trust and the NHS. Through these partnerships, The Children's Trust embeds qualified brain injury specialists within major trauma hospitals. Here they provide practical support to families as their child makes the often difficult return to home and school following a brain injury. At the Brain Injury Hub, we will be developing new ways to meet the information needs of children with acquired brain injury and their families. Please get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions for new features or content. Read more about The Children's Trust's new strategy and download their strategy brochure here.
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