Call for monitoring of children after stroke

The warning comes following new research suggesting that strokes in young people are rising rapidly.

Dalton Leong, Chief Executive of the UK's leading charity for children with brain injury, The Children's Trust, said the effects of stoke among children can be lifelong and potentially harder to recover from than when in adulthood. He added: "People might think of stroke as something that only affects older people but as the UK's leading charity for children with brain injury we work with young people who have been affected too. "A brain injury caused by stroke can leave a child with lifelong disabilities which can change as they grow older. "It's really important that children who have a stroke or any other brain injury not only get the best immediate medical treatment and rehabilitation, but are also monitored throughout their childhood to identify whether they need help later." He made the remarks following new research in American Academy of Neurology Journal which proposes that there has been a dramatic shift in those experiencing stroke, from the old to the young. The study followed 1.3 million people in a US region and found 19% of those experiencing a stroke in 2005 were below 55. Read more about the research here.
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