Katy’s makeover for prom

The teenager has been recovering from a brain tumour.

Image of Katy
Katy Kavaliunas, from South Normanton, was diagnosed with a tumour when she was 12 years old, after she started experiencing dizzy spells and nausea. Following surgery, to remove the tumour Katy developed a rare complication called Posterior Fossa Syndrome. Her mum, Veronica said: “Katy wasn’t able to speak or swallow so it was a gruelling process of regaining these things.” She spent four months at The Children’s Trust in Surrey, working hard to regain these abilities. To recognise her bravery Veronica entered her for a special make-over named The Cinderella Project, which works with Runway Fashion Show to bring joy to the lives of youngerst experiencing difficult times. She added: “Three very lovely ladies from Eclipse Salon came t the house to do Katy’s hair, makeup and nails. “Katy’s life has just changed completely from the little bubbly 12-year-old girl. I just thought it would be a nice thing for her to have.” Katy had difficulty adjusting back at school where she’s studying her GCSEs and often needs to use a wheelchair. Veronica said: “She’s still Katy but she’s had so much to contend with.” Katy recently walked over 400 metres, with support from her parents, and raised over £900 for the Ellen McArthur Trust. She is set to go to London soon for surgery to treat facial paralysis.
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