Jihadi John to have had brain injury as child

Former classmate claims he was 'never the same' after suffering brain injury when he ran head first into a goalpost.

On a discussion about the executioner- who was unmasked as Londoner Mohammed Emwazi, the former classmate told LBC: “: We were in the playground and Mohammed was running away from someone, I think he was just about to get into a fight.  “And as he was running, another guy blocked his path. And he ran into a goal post and hit his head on a metal goal post and fell to the floor. “This was Year 6 - we didn't see him for six weeks. He was not the same ever since that brain injury. I am telling you one million per cent. He was not the same.” And one of the executioner's secondary school teachers told BBC's Newsnight that Emwazi had received anger therapy to help him control his issues. Click here to read the full story.
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