It’s Purple Day!

Today, 26 March, is Purple Day, a global awareness day for epilepsy.

The day was created in 2008 by Cassidy Megan, a young girl from Canada, who has epilepsy and wanted to get people talking about the condition. Many charities are taking part. Today, Young Epilepsy launch a national awareness and fundraising campaign, In The Moment. The campaign aims to ‘ensure everyone understands the true impact of epilepsy on young people today; and how it can change anyone’s life in a single moment’. The new website shares experiences from children and young people. The charity said: “Over the next three years we’re hoping to give young people the confidence and means to share their personal experience of epilepsy; its impact on their everyday lives and future prospects, as well as those around them.” Meanwhile, Epilepsy Action is focusing on the work of the Epilepsy Action Helpline, which gives people the support they need to live better with epilepsy. The charity is hoping that it can boost the service the helpline offers by raising enough support to be able to answer calls in the evenings and weekends. And Epilepsy Society has a whole host of ideas to raise awareness – in particular it is encouraging people to hold a Purple Pyjama Party!
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