Irish Minister for Health proposes non-adversarial system for brain injury

Leo Varadkar, Irish Minister for Health, has claimed that Irish society is ‘willing to bear’ the cost of brain injury cases.

The current system for dealing with cases of children with serious injuries at birth is very adversarial; in order to get compensation to pay for the child’s needs, families need to effectively prove negligence of care from hospitals or others. However, birth injuries and other problems for biological reasons are not always the result of medical negligence and so Varadkar, The Irish Minister for Health, has suggested that perhaps the current system is wrong: “maybe we should just provide the services that people need, full stop, whether somebody was in the wrong or not.” Varadkar has suggested reforming the current system to become a non-adversarial system instead. This could involve a medical injuries assessment board being used to set levels of compensation, at a cost to Irish society. This would allow people to “go in and get the support they need.” It would help people avoid the cost of lawyers who get a proportion of the overall payment and some who may be getting fees for every day a case continued. This new proposal could potentially save many families money and possibly change the lives of those with children born with brain injury.
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