Insurance giant appeals teenager's brain injury payout

An insurance giant has appealed a payout to a brain-injured teenager because she wasn’t wearing a high-vis jacket when she was hit by a car, The Daily Mail reports. And the story has provoked a furious debate on the newspaper’s website. Bethany Roberts was 13 when she sustained a brain injury following a road traffic accident in her home county of Northamptonshire. In July, a high court judge found the driver 100 per cent liable for the accident and said his speed was too high for an unlit lane at night. He also decided Bethany’s family were entitled to compensation for her care; the teenager has difficulties with mobility, concentration and her mental health following her injury. But insurers Churchill have been granted leave to appeal the decision by Lord Justice Ward, who in a written order said a key consideration was whether Bethany should have been wearing high visibility clothing. It is thought the appeal will reach court between six months and a year from now, and it is thought this will be a test case that may decided to what extent children can be held responsible for their injuries in this kind of accident.   Read the Daily Mail story and the debate amongst readers here. What do you think? Comment on our forum here.
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