Inspirational teenager raises awareness of childhood stroke

Connor Lynes continues to raise awareness of childhood stroke sharing his speech from The Stroke Association’s childhood stroke support and information day.

  You can watch Connor’s speech here (a 10 minute film). It shares his honest and insightful journey since his stroke, covering all achievements and struggles since. Connor was 14 years old when a rugby tackle led to a blood clot on his brain stem, which led to two major strokes. Now age 16, Connor works relentlessly to share information about childhood stroke, both in person and on Twitter using the hashtags #bebrainsmart #childhoodstroke #teamconnor. Connor works with many charities, spreading information and fundraising. He also coaches under 10s rugby. In his speech (at one of The Stroke Association’s regular information days) Connor explained his family were told he did not have much chance of survival. He uncovers the challenges he faces day-to-day as well as his work raising awareness. Connor said: “I have come so far on my journey and believe me I struggle every day and every night. I go to bed knowing I’ll face the same fight the next day. But I am lucky. I am here fighting. “Doctors still don’t know my prognosis because of the bloodclot on my brain and they didn’t give much chance of survival. So every day is precious. "I can’t change the past, and the horrors of that day, but I can change the future and I now want to help others by raising awareness. I now have new dreams, new hopes and now seeing other people smile makes me happy. “I will always be eternally grateful for the support I have received and if my story helps one person know there is life after stroke and not to give up then I’m happy.”
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