Becky is inspiration behind major fundraising event

The Supercar Event has raised £115,000 for children with brain injury.

Becky and Family
Becky with her mum Jo and step-dad David

The event, which has grown hugely since it started over nine years ago, was inspired by Becky Groves who we were lucky enough to catch up with when she attended the event on Saturday with her family. Becky contracted a serious virus in her brain 10 years ago when she was 12, she fell into a coma and the family was told to say their goodbyes. Becky’s mum, Jo says: "My heart broke. However she pulled through but with a diagnosis of epilepsy and a severe brain injury which meant she couldn't walk or talk. She was sent to The Children’s Trust for rehabilitation." Becky had to relearn how to walk and talk following her brain injury.    Jo explains how her daughter's tough journey of recovery initiated the support from supercar drivers who wanted to give her some enjoyment when in intense rehab at The Children’s Trust in 2005.  "A family friend, Richard Davis, who was a member of a Ferrari club wanted to do something, anything to put a smile on her face and the other children who were there, so organised for his supercar drivers to go along to The Children's Trust one winter morning and give rides to the youngsters.  "The day was amazing for Becky and all the children. You could just see the delight in their little faces. It was moving to watch the sheer selflessness of the drivers as they lifted the children who were in wheelchairs into their Ferraris. There was so much fun in one day, so many smiles." On Saturday we caught up with Becky and her family at The Supercar Event which is held at the famous Top Gear track. Joe told us:  “It’s incredible to think that this event started as a small treat from Richard to put a smile on the faces of some poorly children to this! It’s admirable what has been achieved in the development of this fundraiser which raises money for The Children's Trust." Talking about Becky, Jo said:
Becky is doing well. She still has additional health needs such as her epilepsy as a result of her brain injury but she’s still as headstrong and stubborn as ever. If she hadn’t got these qualities she wouldn’t be here now."
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