Hollyoaks storyline on encephalitis

TV series Hollyoaks has been working with The Encephalitis Society on a storyline involving a young child who has been affected by encephalitis.

Hollyoaks Dee Dee
Dee Dee Hutchinson with her parents in Hollyoaks
  Four-year-old character Dee Dee Hutchinson first went into hospital a few weeks ago on the soap. The storyline continues following the diagnosis of autoimmune encephalitis, a serious neurological condition. The team behind Channel 4’s Hollyoaks approached the charity last year to see if it would be interested in collaborating to make sure the storyline was as accurate as possible. The Encephalitis Society said “We were impressed by their eagerness to show the realities behind encephalitis and jumped at the chance to share our expertise.” The charity’s Chief Executive Dr Ava Easton and Dr Benedict Michael, a member of its Scientific Advisory Panel and Trustee, visited the set. They met with the research team early on in the process and have collaborated ever since. The Encephalitis Society has also offered support to viewers who may be affected by encephalitis. In the coming months, the charity will continue to update on Dee Dee's progress and launch it’s #OneFamily campaign. This aims to raise awareness of encephalitis in children and highlight how the charity supports families. For further reading on encephalitis see the Real stories section of the Brain Injury Hub featuring Liz and Millie.
Encephalitis Society at Hollyoaks
The Encephalitis Society's CEO Dr Ava Easton and Dr Benedict Michael, member of the Scientific Advisory Panel.
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