Holiday tips by Joe

In his latest blog, Joe, 23, shares his tips on holidaying after a brain injury. Joe was 15 when he sustained a brain injury after his bike collided with a car.

  I love to go on beach/pool holidays where there is a good chance to relax and chill out. Myself and my girlfriend Hayley also really enjoy finding more out about the country we’re in. From historical tours to simply going to the local town, anything that helps us find out about the culture is really interesting to me! The trips to avoid with a head injury? There’s definitely one I’m not allowed to do, and that’s scuba diving. Always ask the rep at your hotel, or the tour operator, if you have any queries, but I’ve been told that people with brain injury can’t go scuba diving for a certain number of years post injury. I’ve found insurance to be a bit of a problem on holiday. The head injury counts as pre-existing, but it still pushes the price up considerably, and the further you go away, the more expensive it is! I don’t really ask any questions to the travel agent, as I don’t have a physical disability, but if people do have one, I would recommend that they talk to the travel agent about ground floor rooms if there is no lift, or accessible baths/showers that are easy to get in and out of. With swimming pools, it’s hard to guess the depth, and what lies underneath the water, so you’ve got to be careful with them. If there’s a swim up bar, be cautious when carrying drinks, as I’ve dropped some in the pool trying to carry too many before! I’m not really a big drinker of alcohol but I can see the appeal of it, especially when we’ve been away ‘all inclusive’. If it messes with your medication, take your doctor’s advice. For me, I drink a little, but not to excess. The main tips I have for holidays can be easily summarised: -      get a good deal on your travel insurance, as it can be quite expensive, so check for the best insurance for the best value. -       try to tell the operators and insurers everything that might be important about your conditions. -       check before booking trips to see if there is anything your brain injury can prevent you from doing. Have a good holiday! You can read Joe’s real story and his blogs on photography and on overcoming challenges after a brain injury.
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