Heidi, 12, delivers ‘pick me up’ packs to specialist wards

Heidi, who had a brain haemorrhage soon after starting high school, has been delivering essentials to children staying on hospital neuro wards.

Heidi, now 12, has taken the packs of essentials to the neuro ward in Leeds Children's Hospital following her own experience staying on a specialist ward.  Heidi had a haemorrhage and blood clot in her brain in October, only six weeks after starting high school. “The neuro ward has so much support for children but cannot offer things like shampoo,” said Heidi. “In these situations it is easy to lose a few days and all the stress and stuff makes you feel really icky but you don’t have anything with you.”
Heidi and boxes1
The 12-year-old’s Team Heidi Facebook page explains how the packs provide basics like toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner. Since starting the project just three months ago Team Heidi (made up of Heidi and her family) has delivered 50 boxes to Leeds Children’s Hospital (with more to be delivered), held a bake sale, had a logo designed for free and explained the mission to support families affected by AVM’s (arteriovenous malformation) and children on neurological wards. Team Heidi is also organising a meet-up to support children and siblings affected by neuro conditions like AVM “so they don’t have to face it alone and can meet others in their age group who understand the many issues.”
Heidi and her siblings
Heidi explains how she was enjoying Year 7 at high school in October when she started to have headaches and sight issues. Her mum took her to the opticians and the doctors but things soon got worse and Heidi had to go to hospital by ambulance. She said: “I don’t remember much about it but I had a brain haemorrhage cause by an AVM.” Heidi has been, and is being, treated in hospitals in Leeds and Sheffield. Mum Nicola says: “Heidi had her brain haemorrhage in October but she has been in hospital several times since and has recently had gamma knife therapy. Heidi has shown amazing resilience taking all the changes in her stride as though it has been perfectly normal.
“Fundraising and putting the ‘pick me up packs’ together was a great idea from Heidi. Hospital staff have been very grateful and told us how much the packs have been appreciated by families. “Heidi’s younger sister and brother also help her pack and decorate the boxes – Heidi wanted to do something to include them because she recognised how tricky it was for them.” You can follow Heidi on her Facebook page Team Heidi.
Heidi and mum
Heidi and her mum Nicola
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