Headway reiterates calls for boxing ban

The death of Scott Westgarth after a light-heavyweight fight at the weekend has led to Headway calling, once again, for boxing to be banned.

Peter McCabe, Chief Executive of Headway, made a full statement. He said: “It is shameful that yet another a young man has died taking part in this so-called sport. “For too long, boxing authorities, agents, and promoters have profited on the back of young men and women risking their lives every time they step into the ring. “In this sport, the ultimate aim is to deliberately cause head and brain injuries by rendering your opponent senseless by repeated blows to the head delivered with great force. The obvious, natural and unavoidable consequence of this is brain injury, which can be fatal. “Too many boxers have died or sustained devastating brain injuries for this sport to be allowed to continue.” McCabe stated that young boxers are not making an informed choice and continued: “There is simply no way to make boxing safe and to allow more lives to be lost in this way is unacceptable and completely irresponsible.” Scott Westgarth was interviewed immediately after Saturday’s fight but then needed paramedics in his locker room. He was rushed to hospital after collapsing and it was confirmed on Monday morning that he had died. The boxer's death follows that of boxers Mike Towell in 2016 and Michael Norgrove in 2013. Headway stated other individuals who have suffered brain injuries or died as a result of boxing. According to the media, the British Boxing Board of Control said it is open to looking at new ways of dealing with such tragedies. It has a short statement on its website about Scott Westgarth, stating: “The British Boxing Board of Control sends their condolences to the family of Scott Westgarth. “The thoughts of all those involved in Boxing in Great Britain are with them at this difficult time.”
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