Headway backs cycling safety call

The brain injury association has backed British Cycling's call on the Government to improve safety for cyclists.  Its appeal came after Tour de France and Olympic hero Bradley Wiggins was knocked from his bike by a van while training near his Lancashire home.  Wiggins escaped the crash with only bruises, but his coach and mentor Shane Sutton was knocked from his own bike just 15 hours later. Both men are expected to make a full recovery, but British Cycling took the opportunity to issue a statement calling on the Government to "put cycling at the heart of transport policy to ensure that cycle safety is built into the design of all new roads, junctions and transport projects, rather than being an afterthought". Headway Chief Executive Peter McCabe said all at the organisation were relieved that both cyclists were wearing helmets. 

"The consequences if they hadn't been could have been a lot worse, particularly for Shane Sutton who hit his head quite badly," he said. "We hope this sends a message to all cyclists that wearing a helmet can save your life and should not be an optional accessory when out riding."
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