Headway Awards: brain injury charity honours heroes

James Cracknell and Coronation Street's Ben Price were among the special guests at the annual awards ceremony on Friday (8 November).

In a celebration of what can be achieved after brain injury, awards included Carer, Achiever and Volunteer of the Year. Sarah Whitchurch was recognised for passion and success in swimming despite sustaining a severe brain injury as a youngster. Sarah became severely ill with meningitis four days before her 11th birthday and incorporated swimming into her rehabilitation. Gwen and Natalie Milham, from Lewes, jointly claimed the title of Carer of the Year. In 1996, Gwen's 17-year-old son Nathan was hit by a car. He was left in a coma with a devastating brain injury. Gwen repeatedly rejected the option of turning off Nathan's life-support machine and Nathan gradually began to improve. With the help of Headway Hurstwood Park, she and her husband Dave provided round-the-clock care for their son until tragedy struck again in 2005 when Dave sadly passed away having sustained a brain injury of his own. Shortly afterwards, Gwen was diagnosed with breast cancer and Nathan's sister, Natalie, stepped in to help care for her brother. Gwen and Natalie continue to work as a team to provide daily care for Nathan and support each other. Read more about the awards and winners on Headway's website. Well done to Headway on a fantastic event and off course to the winners of each award.
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