Head injury in sport is a “growing concern”

An expert in ABI has warned that a lack of education about head trauma will lead to serious injury in young sports players.

Barbara O’Connell, Chief Executive of Acquired Brain Injury Ireland which is a leading provider in rehabilitation for ABI, made the suggestion following several concussions of Gaelic Sports players in the country in recent years. "If a player continues to play after taking a hit to the head, they put themselves at serious risk of another hit or more severely second impact syndrome," she said. "Players who do not manage head injuries seriously are leaving themselves susceptible to a long- term endurance of a collection of concussion symptoms, including headaches, depression, personality change, memory and concentration problems. "There will always be reluctance for players to come off the pitch and so this decision must be taken out of their hands. It is the responsibility of the coach, referee or team doctor to detect the signs of a head injury following a hit and get these players off the pitch." Read the full story here.
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