Harvester restaurant apologises to disabled teenage diner

The teenager who has severe learning difficulties was asked to leave for making too much noise.

Megan Brennan, 19, had been enjoying a meal at the restaurant in Eastleigh with her family to mark her move from home into full-time care. Her mother, Helen was told by staff that her daughter was annoying other customers and would have to leave. Mrs Brennan said she was devastated and upset by the treatment of her daughter. Harvester said it had got an extremely sensitive situation wrong. "Going forward we are highlighting this poor experience to our teams across the country to ensure no other guests are put in this situation again," it said in a statement. "We spoke with the Brennan family, apologised to them directly and, we understand, resolved their complaint." Philip Connolly, of Disability Rights UK, said "We really shouldn't be getting these kind of incidents at all. "The bigger the brand, the less we should expect these problems because we'd expect good policies, good training, good standards and enforcement of those standards." Read the full story.  
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