Grape safety advice

Choking on a grape can lead to brain injury in children and in some cases can sadly result in death.

Giving a child or toddler a healthy snack in the form of grapes or cherry tomatoes seems harmless but, as you may have seen in the news recently, it can prove fatal.  Sadly last week toddler Jacob Jenkins passed away after choking on a grape which he was snacking on during a family meal at Pizza Hut in Hartlepool.  It's a tragic story which has prompted us to write this blog.  Read the full story here. 
Jacob passed away after fighting for life when he choked on a grape
We, at the Brain Injury Hub, know of other families in which children have sustained serious brain injuries from choking on grapes or similair foods.  In fact it's a topic which our team has spoken about several times, agreeing that it's a risk we never even considered previously when giving our own children grapes; that is not until we heard of such stories.  Grapes are the ideal size and shape to become lodged in a child's throat. Futhermore, the tough skin means it will not puncture or slide down the windway easily.
Oliver was 18 months old when he reached across the table, grabbed some grapes and choked, suffering severe brain damage.
The story of Ollie who choked on a grape which resulted in a significant brain injury.  We would like to spread awareness and urge people to simply cut grapes in half, lengthways before giving them to children.  Grapes are among the most common causes of death by choking according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, alongside hot dog sausages and cherry tomatoes.   
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