Free flu vaccine for people with epilepsy

Epilepsy Society have been campaigning to have people with epilepsy included in the vaccination programme. 

People with epilepsy are now automatically entitled to a free flu vaccine, following the Government’s expansion of its vaccination programme. The charity Epilepy Society has been campaigning to have people with epilepsy included in the programme in order to minimise their risk of a seizure triggered by a fever as part of the flu. The charity’s Chief Executive, Clare Pelham said: “People with epilepsy told us that a high temperature or fever puts them at a greater risk of a seizure. We told the Government. And the Government listened and acted." She added: “Seizures are not a quick event that are over when the convulsions stop. They can cause serious physical injuries, memory loss and concussion. Seizures can knock people out for days and can cost them their driving licence, disrupt employment and impact on relationships. “The expanded vaccination programme is great news for everyone with epilepsy as we go into the flu season and we would urge anyone with the condition to see their GP now and arrange for the vaccination."  
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