Focus of photographic project is ability rather than disability

Photographer, mother and founder of not for profit organisation, Same But Different, Ceridwen Hughes has embarked on a new photographic project entitled ‘We can…’ which tells the stories of adults with learning disabilities, with a focus on all that they are achieving.  A young girl with a disability blows bubbles Ceridwen was inspired to set up Same But Different, after her own son, Isaac, was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition called Moebius, which manifests itself primarily in facial paralysis. She became aware that people struggled to see past the disability to Isaac’s personality. This led to the ongoing and successful Rare Project in which Ceridwen photographs children with rare diseases to show their condition is only a small part of who they are. The result in both the Rare Project and ‘We can…’ is two warm and personal projects which include not only photos, but videos and written pieces introducing each individual first and foremost, empowering them to tell their story, and enabling viewers to see beyond the disease or disability.  As Ceridwen explained on “’We can…’ was wonderful to work on as all the participants were keen to share their experiences and hopes for the future. As adults with disabilities they are so often overlooked and yet they have so much to offer society and should be given every opportunity to work. Same But Different also hopes that telling these stories will help to breakdown barriers to inclusion within communities and provide a signpost to support organisations. To find out more and view the Rare Project and ‘We can…’ visit
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