Father of teenage cyclist calls for immediate legislation to make helmets compulsory

Ryan Smith, 16, always refused to wear a helmet but is now still in a coma after being knocked off his bike by a van.

Almost five weeks on from the accident, Ryan from Lincolnshire has started to flicker his eyelids. His distraught father Mark has issued a picture of his son in a coma and has appealed to other parents: "I don’t want any family to go through this. Don’t let this happen to your kids. Get your kids helmets." He added: "This needs to go to Parliament straight away but people have no excuse not to go and buy a helmet. "There is one in everyone's price range and you should wear it even if you're just riding to the shop." Mr Smith, a paramedic who has seen the aftermath of road crashes in his own work, said he told Ryan to wear a helmet. But the youngster had worried it would spoil his hairstyle and took the fateful decision to cycle without one. Read more here
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